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Bottom Bracket Tools

Below are our bearing presses and pullers for bottom brackets, sold individually by size.  

Bearing presses can be purchased with T-bar handles, with simple nuts, or as 'drifts only'.  The same T-bar handles can be used for all of our frame, bottom bracket and hub presses.

We offer two types of bearing puller, the 'wind-out' type and the 'exanding' type:

The 'wind-out' type is available in a range of sizes but reqires a recess behind the bearing to gain purchase and a surface around the bearing to press against (see the item description for more info).

The 'expanding' type is useful when there is no recess or surface around the bearing, and can also remove Shimano-style moulded bottom brackets

If you're unsure as to which is best for you, drop us an email and we'll do our best to help out!


We offer 30% off every second individual tool purchased.  Add two or more tools to the basket and the discount will be applied at checkout.