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Hub Bearing Tools

We have a growing collection of tools specially designed for hubs, suitable for DT Swiss, Hope, Industry Nine, Hunt, Zipp, Shimano and many others. 

Many of the same tools feature in our pages of frame press and pullers, and all of the hub press here are compatible with the same T-bar handles as our regular frame and bottom bracket presses.

Most hubs fall into one of two basic designs; the 'over-axle' design, and 'non-over-axle' design. 

  • If the bearings have to be pressed in over an axle that will protrude out through the bearing then it is an over-axle type design and over-axle tools should be used.  This type of axle can't be removed until the bearings are removed.  It blocks access to the inside of the bearings with our regular frame-type presses and expanding pullers.
  • If there isn't an axle blocking access to the inside of the bearing then our regular expanding pullers and press, the same type used for frames, are ideal.
  • Some hubs use a combination of types.  For example Hope front hubs are non-over-axle, their rear hubs are over-axle, and their freehubs are again non-over-axle.

Freel free to contact us if you are unsure what type of tool your hub needs!


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