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Bottom Bracket Bearing Puller (Wind-Out Type)

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Bearing Puller for Bottom Brackets - Wind-Out Type

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This 'wind-out' type tool is designed to extract the sealed cartridge bearings that are found in many bottom brackets.

We offer two designs of bottom bracket bearing puller:

  1. This 'wind-out' type which is ideal if there is a recess behind the bearing for the tool to gain purchase, and if there is a surface around the bearing for the tool's 'cup' to rest on (more details below).
  2. If you don't have a recess behind your bearing, or if it is an 'outboard' style BB where there isn't much material around the bearing for the tool's 'cup' to rest on, or if you have a Shimano style pressfit bottom bracket where the whole bottom bracket is replaced rather than just the bearing, then you might be better with our 'expanding type' bottom bracket tool.

Please feel free to drop us a note if you're not sure which you need!


Wind-Out Type

We offer two handle options; a low cost version using a simple nut to pull the bearing, and a premium version with convenient T-bar handle instead of the nut.

  • Each puller is engraved with it's size for easy identification
  • Precision engineered from 6082-T6 aluminium
  • Designed & manufactured in the UK
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How To Use

This extractor tool is simple to use.  As well as the extractor you will need a 6mm allen key (and a 13mm spanner if you haven€š¬€ž¢t chosen the optional T-bar handle)


1  The rounded rectangular tab is passed through the bearing sideways and then turned to sit flat behind the bearing

Place a washer on the bolt and then pass the bolt through the far side of the bottom bracket and through the hole in the rounded rectangle, so that the threaded end of the bolt sticks out of the bottom bracket. 

Use a 6mm allen key to hold the bolt in place and prevent it turning.


Place the large 'cup' part on to the end of the bolt, so that the open end faces the bearing. Place a washer on the end of the bolt and then screw on the T-bar handle (or nut). 

Tightening the T-bar (or nut) on to the flat back of the cup will draw out the bearing. Remember to prevent the other end of the bolt from spinning with the allen key.





This tool is compatible with most bottom brackets with replaceable bearings of the listed sizes but there are a couple of conditions. 

Firstly, the cup must have a suitable surface to rest on.  The inside diameter of the cup is 44mm for 29mm and 30mm pullers, and 39mm for 22mm, 24mm and 25mm pullers.  Usually the frame's BB shell will be larger than this giving a sitable surface for the cup to rest on, but if your BB is of the 'outboard' style then there may not be a suitable surface around the bearing (the cup would simply slip over the whole outboard bearing).

Secondly, there needs to be a recess behind the bearing's inner race of a few mm deep and wide for the tool to gain purchase on the bearing. 

If your BB desn't have these features, or if you have a moulded resin BB like Shimano's where the whole bottom bracket is replaced rather than just the bearings, you might be better with our 'expanding type' puller.

Please feel free to get in touch if you are unsure of which tool would be best for you.  If you find that your BB is incompatible with the tools that you have ordered then you can return the tool to us for a refund.


Bearing Presses


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Shipping & Taxes

We aim to dispatch all orders within 1 working day

Orders within the UK will be shipped by DHL or Royal Mail RM24 (First Class)

International orders are welcomed and will be shipped by Royal Mail International Standard (Airmail). Please refer to our Shipping & Taxes page for more info.



Our tools can be selected either by the bearing size or by the bearing's standard reference code.

Standard references take the form of a three or four digit number, such as 688, or 6902 for example. These codes are often moulded onto the bearing's seal. You might see something like 6902-2RS on the seal. The first digits are the standard reference.  The second part (2RS in this case) refers to the seal type and doesn't matter for tool selection.

Alternatively, tools can be selected by their inside (ID) and outside (OD) diameters and width.

Note that each tool is specific to one bearing size and can’t be used on bearings with different dimensions.

If you need any help then please feel free to email us.

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