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Specialized Horst Pivot Bearing Tool (Kenevo, Levo, Stumpjumper 2021/2022/2023 onwards)

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Horst Pivot Tool (Kenevo, Levo, Stumpjumper 2021/2022 onwards)

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Note that this tool only addresses the horst pivot bearings (the pivot beside the dropout).  Our regular puller and press kits are still required for the other pivots.


In 2021 Specialized started introducing a new design for the horst pivot (the rear suspension pivot next to the rear dropout).  The new design includes a small axle that sits between, and extends through, the two bearings that make each pivot.  Because this protruding axle blocks access to the inside of the bearing, conventional bearing pullers and press drifts can't be used on this pivot.  

To address this problem, we've created a special version of our wind-out bearing puller.  This version has been developed specifically for Specialized's new horst pivot axle.  It uses a 6mm bolt to match the bore of the axle.  Our tool can be used both to remove the old bearings and to press in the new ones.

The axle is marked 'H' in the image below:



We understand that the following model years use this horst pivot arrangement:

  • Kenevo 2022 onwards (TBC)
  • Kenevo SL 2022 onwards
  • Levo 2022 onwards
  • Levo SL Carbon 2023 (2022 TBC) onwards
  • Levo SL Alloy 2023 (2022 TBC) onwards
  • Stumpjumper Alloy 2021 onwards
  • Stumpjumper EVO Carbon 2021 onwards
  • Stumpjumper EVO Alloy 2022 onwards

This tool is only for Specialized bikes with this type of axle in the horst pivot.  If you're bike doesn't have this axle extending through the bearing then our normal Specialized puller and press kits can be used instead.

How To

This bearing puller tool is simple to use. As well as the puller you will need a 10mm spanner and a 5mm allen key. 

To remove a bearing:

  • Assemble the bolt through the small drift, with the head of the bolt inside the countersink in the large end of the drift.

  • Next install the bolt and drift through the horst axle in the frame, so that the smaller end of the drift is against the horst axle.
  • Install the tool's receiving cup on the bolt where it protrudes through the other side of the pivot and add the washer and nut.
  • Tightening the nut will push the axle towards the receiving cup, taking one bearing with it. 
  • It shouldn't require a lot of force.  If in doubt, back off and check everything is installed as it should be.
  • To remove the second bearing, first place the axle back in the remaining bearing, then repeat the process but with the tool installed on the other side.



To install the new bearing:

  • Assemble the bolt through the small drift, this time with the head of the bolt against the small end of the drift, so that the drift's larger counter-sunk face can face towards the bearing.

  • Next place a bearing against the drift, followed by the horst axle.  The large diameter of the drift should be against the bearing, with the axle fitted against the bearing, fitting through the bearing and into the drift's countersink.  It is necessary to include the axle to centre the bearing on the drift.
  • Hold the bearing up against it's position in the frame and then install the receiving cup on the other side, followed by the washer and nut.
  • Tightening the nut should press the bearing into the frame.  There shouldn't be a a lot of resistance.  Stop when you feel the resistance rise, indicating that the bearing has reached the bottom of the bore.
  • Repeat the above step to install the second bearing.

If you have any questions please get in touch, info@bearingprotools.com, and we'll try to reply within one working day.

Note that each tool is specific to one bearing size. It is designed to match the internal and external diameters of the bearing and shouldn't be used on bearings of different size.


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