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Tramex Skipper Plus Moisture Meter - Hire by Post

Regular price £120.00

We have a growing range of marine tools for sale and rent.  This listing is for hire of a Tramex Skipper Plus moisture meter for the assessment of moisture levels in GRP and wooden boats. 

After the order is placed the moisture meter will be dispatched to you by tracked Royal Mail First Class.  The initial rental period is two weeks.  If needed, additional week rental is £15.  At the end of your rental period we ask that you return it to us by a tracked service of your choice (the outward and return transit times aren't included in your rental period).  As soon as the meter is returned to us we will refund your deposit.  We can only offer UK delivery at the moment.

Our return address is BearingProTools, 15 Braeview, Inverurie, AB51 5RF

The Tramex Skipper Plus has been the go-to moisture meter for yacht surveyors for many years, and for good reason.  It can measure the moisture % in hardwood in the range of 5-30%, and can give a comparative analysis of the moisture level in GRP and other materials on a 1-100 scale.  High moisture levels are a key indicator of the risk of osmosis in GRP.  The Skipper Plus has therefore become a valuable tool in yacht survey, valuation and in planning remedial work.

Using the meter is easy; simply select the range desired (usually Range 1 for wood and Range 2 for GRP and others) and then hold the meter against the surface to be measured.  Instead of using surface 'prongs', common on cheaper moisture meters, the Skipper Plus uses a pair of rubber electrodes and detects moisture up to a depth of around 11mm or more without scratching the surface.  

The meter will be supplied to you pre-calibrated, with a fresh battery and within a protective case.

Extension to the rental period charged at £15 per week.

Our tools can be selected either by the bearing size or by the bearing's standard reference code.

Standard references take the form of a three or four digit number, such as 688, or 6902 for example. These codes are often moulded onto the bearing's seal. You might see something like 6902-2RS on the seal. The first digits are the standard reference.  The second part (2RS in this case) refers to the seal type and doesn't matter for tool selection.

Alternatively, tools can be selected by their inside (ID) and outside (OD) diameters and width.

Note that each tool is specific to one bearing size and can’t be used on bearings with different dimensions.

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