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Spinlock Rig-Sense Tension Gauge - Hire by Post

Regular price £110.00

We have a growing range of marine tools for sale and rent.  This listing is for hire of a Spinlock Rig Sense tension gauge for setting tension in the standing rigging of yachts, keel boats or dinghy.  It is suitable for all wire and synthetic fibre rigging of 5-8mm diameter.

After the order is placed the tension gauge will be dispatched to you by tracked Royal Mail First Class.  You are then welcome to use the gauge until the end of your two-week initial rental period.  If needed, each aditional week rental is £10.  At the end of your rental we ask that you return it to us by a tracked service of your choice (the outward and return transit times aren't included in your rental period).  As soon as the gauge is returned to us we will refund your deposit.  We can only offer UK delivery at the moment.

A tension gauge is an enormously useful tool, removing the guesswork from setting the correct tension in standing rigging.  The Spinlock Rig-Sense imporves on the older Loos tension gauge by allowing direct measurement of rig tension from the gauge without the need to refer to conversion charts.

Spinlock's Rig-Sense won a recent Practical Boat Owner trial, offering better ease of use and more accurate results than the other tension gauges tested.  Spinlock indicate +/-5% accuracy.

Using the gauge is easy.  Simply slide the locking wedge down, fit the gauge to your rigging, slide the locking wedge back up to clamp the rigging, and then, at the other end of the gauge, lift the tension arm onto the rigging.  The arrow on the tension arm will then point to the measured tension value in kg. 

Detailed instructions can be found here.  A series of video demonstractions can be found here.

Spinlock offer a free, optional app for recording your rig settings, but this app is not necessary to use the gauge.

This version of the Rig-Sense gauge can be used on wire and synthetic fibre rigging alike, in diameters from 5-8mm.  

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