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Hex Key for Hope PressFit PF41 & PF46 Bottom Brackets

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Hex Key for Hope PressFit PF41 & PF46 Bottom Brackets

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Hope's 24mm PF41 and 24mm & 30mm PF46 press-fit bottom brackets feature a threaded sleeve that must be screwed in using a large 25 or 31mm hex key.

Our tool features this large hex on one side, with a 19mm hex on the other, allowing you to assemble your Hope BB using any 19mm or 3/4" spanner or socket.

As well as the large hex, our tool integrates a press drift behind the hex, matched to the BB's bearing size: 6806 (30x42mm) for 30mm axle BBs, and MR2437 (24x37mm) for 24mm axle BBs.

The hex tool can be purchased singly, with a matched press drift to make a pair, or with threaded rod and T-bar handles or simple nuts to create a complete bearing press for your BB. 

  • Reduces large hex to 19mm
  • Integrated bearing press drift
  • Option to purchase as complete bearing press
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK


Selection & Compatibility

There are two sizes of tool. One fits bottom brackets for 24mm axle cranks (Shimano etc) and the other fits 30mm (BB30) axle cranks (SRAM etc). Select the correct tool from the drop down menu according to the crank/bottom bracket size you have.

Use the second drop down menu to whether you want the hex key on it's own, with a matched press drift, or with threaded rod and T-bar handles or simple nuts.

Hope make a number of variations of their PF41 & PF46 bottom brackets to suit different BB widths.  The BB width doesn't change the size of hex needed, but for some wide BB the integrated press drift prevents the hex reaching far enough.  We have confirmed that the tool is suitable with the following BB widths:

  • PF41 with 24mm axle:  86.5mm, 89.5mm, 92mm widths
  • PF46 with 24mm axle:  68mm width
  • PF46 with 30mm axle: 68mm, 73mm (short, inboard bearings), 83mm (short, inboard bearings) widths

We have not confirmed if the tool is suitable with the following BB widths:

  • PF46 with 24mm axle:  73mm, 83mm widths
  • PF46 with 30mm axle: 73mm (long, outboard bearings), 79mm, 83mm (long, outboard bearings), 86.5mm, 100mm widths

The limiting feature is a step in the diameter that the non-drive-side bearing butts up against.  If the distance from the step to the hex is more than 7mm (equal to the bearing width) then the tool's hex won't reach far enough to engage with the BB's hex tube.  We can provide a 'hex only' that reaches further but doesn't integrate the press drift.

Please contact us if you have any questions!


Shipping & Taxes

We aim to dispatch all orders within 1 working day

Orders within the UK will be shipped by Royal Mail RM24 (First Class)

International orders are welcomed and will be shipped by Royal Mail International Standard (Airmail). Please refer to our Shipping & Taxes page for more info.


Our tools can be selected either by the bearing size or by the bearing's standard reference code.

Standard references take the form of a three or four digit number, such as 688, or 6902 for example. These codes are often moulded onto the bearing's seal. You might see something like 6902-2RS on the seal. The first digits are the standard reference.  The second part (2RS in this case) refers to the seal type and doesn't matter for tool selection.

Alternatively, tools can be selected by their inside (ID) and outside (OD) diameters and width.

Note that each tool is specific to one bearing size and can’t be used on bearings with different dimensions.

If you need any help then please feel free to email us.