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Bearing Puller (Wind-Out Type)

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Wind-out bearing puller tool for mountain bike frame pivots and linkages

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Designed to extract sealed cartridge bearings from full suspension MTB frames in an easy and controlled manor, no tapping required!

  • Each puller is engraved with it's size for easy identification
  • Precision engineered from 6082-T6 aluminium
  • Designed & manufactured in the UK

Tip:  This tool is ideal when removing a single bearing that can be reached from both sides.  For back-to-back bearings, blind bearings, or when there is a spacer tube obscuring the back of the bearing, or if the area around the outside of the bearing isn't flat, then our 'expanding type' puller is better.

How To

This bearing puller tool is simple to use. As well as the puller you will need a 13mm spanner (or one of our T-bar handles) and a 6mm allen key. 

Note that this type of puller requires access to the back of the bearing (i.e., not a blind bearing), and a flat surface around the bearing for the 'cup' part of the tool to rest on (on the side that the bearing is removed to).  The cup generally has 1mm clearance from the edge of the bearing and has a 4mm thick wall.

To remove a bearing:

  • Check which side the bearing removes to. Insert the tool's small round 'drift' into the other side of the bearing and pass the bolt through the centre 
  • Install the tool's 'cup' over the end of the bolt
  • Screw the nut or one of our T-bar handles on to the end of the bolt after the cup
  • While holding the bolt with the allen key at the drift's side, tighten the nut or T-bar handle to draw the bearing into the cup

See our Manuals page to download the more detailed instruction sheets which come with our puller orders, now available in several languages.

Here's a quick demo of the tool's use on a frame linkage:

Note that each tool is specific to one bearing size. It is designed to match the internal and external diameters of the bearing and shouldn't be used on bearings of different size.

Looking for a comprehensive bearing tool package?  Check out our workshop sets here.

Bearing Presses and Blind Bearing Pullers


We offer a comprehensive range of 'expanding type' blind bearing pullers,  bearing pressesbottom bracket, hub and headset tools.  We offer 30% off every second item bought from our single tools menus, including mixes of pullers and presses.

Bottom Bracket Bearing Pullers & Press

We have a growing colleciton of bottom bracket tools, which includes two types of bearing puller as well as presses and other assorted tools, in sizes to suit bottom bracket bearings

Our tools can be selected either by the bearing size or by the bearing's standard reference code.

Standard references take the form of a three or four digit number, such as 688, or 6902 for example. These codes are often moulded onto the bearing's seal. You might see something like 6902-2RS on the seal. The first digits are the standard reference.  The second part (2RS in this case) refers to the seal type and doesn't matter for tool selection.

Alternatively, tools can be selected by their inside (ID) and outside (OD) diameters and width.

Note that each tool is specific to one bearing size and can’t be used on bearings with different dimensions.

If you need any help then please feel free to email us.

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