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Over-Axle Bearing Press

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Over-axle bearing press tool for mountain bike and road bike wheel hubs

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This tool is designed to install the sealed cartridge bearings that are found on many brands of bicycle hub. This version of our press is designed to fit over the axles that protrude through the centre of the bearings on many hub designs, such as Hope and DT Swiss.

If the axle protrudes through the bearing, and the axle can't be removed before removing the bearing (sometimes called a captive axle), then this press is a better choice than our regular press.  This is an example of an over-axle hub:

Over axle bike hub bearing

The tool consists of a pair of drifts (sometimes called spacers or bushings) machined to closely match the diameter of the axle and the bearing's outside diameter, and a threaded rod to pull the drifts together.  Unless marked otherwise, the long drift is 55mm deep, enough to be used on the long drive-side of the hub's axle.

Some sizes come as combos; i.e., 17287 is only available in combination with 6803. The reason for this is that the 17287 uses a pair of 6803 drifts together with a pair of adaptor rings to match the larger outside diameter of 17287. 

Each press can be purchased with either T-bar handles or simple nuts. Both of these options include a pair of drifts and one of our new precision-engineered stainless steel threaded rods (10mm and 12mm versions come with a more basic 5mm threaded rod; see details below).

The T-bar handles make the tool super-easy to use, while the nuts are a functional and cheaper option and are used with normal spanners.

A 'drifts only' option is offered for buyers who have already purchased a kit with the T-bar handles or the nuts before, and only need the drifts to fit a bearing size.

The threaded portion of the threaded rod supplied with this press is 8mm in diameter and 214mm long, with additional 8mm of non-threaded length at each end to lead the handles/nuts on and off.

(Note that the 10mm and 12mm versions of the over-axle press (that's 6000, 6001, 6800, 6801, 6900, 6901) use a 5mm threaded rod so that they can be used with most quick-release hubs.  They therefore aren't compatible with our new 8mm stainless steel threadrd rod or our T-bar handles used for other presses)

Unlike some other bearing press designs, our design closely fits the inside and outside diameters of the bearing to ensure that the tool remains accurately centred and the bearings are pressed in straight.

Our drifts are carefully machined to maintain exact alignment between the inner and outer races of the bearing, meaning that no stress is placed across the bearings, prolonging bearing life and protecting the frame or hub.  

  • New precision-engineered stainless steel threaded rod
  • Specifically designed for bearings that have to be pressed over an axle  
  • Bearing are installed straight, kind to hub
  • Shipping is fast and free in the UK!

bike over axle bearing press 

How To Use

The press tool is simple to use:

  1. Install the bearings and axle loosely.  Slide the small 'tube' drift over the short end of the axle together with and necessary adaptor ring required to match the outside diameter of the bearing.  Slide the longer 'tube' drift together with any necessary adaptor ring over the other end of the axle.

  2. Slide the threaded rod through the centre of the axle. Tightening the nuts or handles draws the spacers together, pressing the bearing into place.

  3. We prefer pressing in one side at a time.  The hub axle can be inserted through the first bearing and the spare drift inserted in place of the second bearing to keep everything aligned.



We offer several options to customise your press to suit your specific needs, including:

  • Extensions to allow the handles to stand clear of any obstructions or to allow you to press a bearing deep into a recess
  • Thrust bearings to make the tightening of the press super smooth! 




'Normal' Presses

The over-axle design is common in rear hub bodies (including Hope and DT) but less common in front hubs and quite unusual in freehubs.  

If your hub or freehub doesn't have a captive axle then you would be better with our normal press.  Without a captive axle there is nothing to keep the over-axle design centred on the bearing, while our normal press has a section that protrudes into the bearing to maintain accurate alignment.


bike bearing press 6802 6803 6902 6903


If you find that you need a mix of over-axle and normal presses then our 30% 'second item discount' can be used for a mix presses and pullers.  The same T-bar handles or nuts and threaded rod can be used for all our presses (in this case it is best to purchase the over-axle press with the handles/nuts and the normal presses as 'drifts only', as the over-axle press comes with a longer threaded rod)


Bearing Pullers

We offer a comprehensive range of bearing pullers, available in all of the same sizes and kits as our bearing presses.  They can even remove blind and back-to-back bearings.  We offer 30% off every second item bought from our single tools menus, including mixes of pullers and presses.  

If your hub is of the over-axle design then often you don't need a puller - just tap the axle with a soft mallet or block of wood - but if your design does need a puller, we've got you covered!

bike pbearing puller 6802 6803 6902 6903


Shipping & Taxes

We aim to dispatch all orders within 1 working day

Orders within the UK will be shipped by Royal Mail RM24 (First Class)

International orders are welcomed and will be shipped by Royal Mail International Standard (Airmail). Please refer to our Shipping & Taxes page for more info.

Our tools can be selected either by the bearing size or by the bearing's standard reference code.

Standard references take the form of a three or four digit number, such as 688, or 6902 for example. These codes are often moulded onto the bearing's seal. You might see something like 6902-2RS on the seal. The first digits are the standard reference.  The second part (2RS in this case) refers to the seal type and doesn't matter for tool selection.

Alternatively, tools can be selected by their inside (ID) and outside (OD) diameters and width.

Note that each tool is specific to one bearing size and can’t be used on bearings with different dimensions.

If you need any help then please feel free to email us.

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